• Online Psychotherapy

For now until virus spread no longer is a major concern, The Hearth will offer online therapy only. We have procedures to make this surprising easy and effective. It starts with a phone call to our office manager, Michelle, at 256 880-8202.

  • Individual Psychotherapy

We use proven therapy selected for each problem at hand:  Cognitive behavioral therapy, Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), Solution focused therapy, Existential therapy, and more.

  • Marital Therapy

We offer sensible help with marital and relationship problems, to improve communication, to resolve conflicts, or to work through a crisis.

  • Family Therapy

Problems can affect the entire family, and we have extensive experience in working with families together.  Even when working with individuals, we keep the family in mind and we hold the integrity of the family as a high value.

  • Services for all ages

We have a provider for any age client.